Developing a Practice Routine That Works For You

My job here is to pass on information and stand as a guide while the student finds their voice and best method of expression!

Deeper Down the Fretboard Challenge

Pushing deeper into the Fretboard Challenge at SBL, I am pushing deeper into Week 2 content: Continuous Triad exercises over three partitioned areas. However the video is from the Minor leg of this exercise, not the Augmented and Diminished variants, but I did provide PDF Files.

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Musicianship

Some of the Knowledge I have acquired on my road to being a better bass player!Noted Mentors on my Bass Journey:Scott Devinehttps://scottsbasslessons.comAdam Neelyhttp://www.adamneely.comMichael League Mo Morris Cap Lawson Johnson Erskine Mann Martin Allison Willis

Education is a Tangible Game

One could ask why, in this field of professional musicians who have long distinguished recording and live careers, am I offering education? The answer to this is two fold really: Primarily, I belong to the school of thought that if you know, you should share. There are many ways one can approach education in anyContinue reading “Education is a Tangible Game”