Permutations 3: Plucking Hand Permutations

A skill I have only recently started playing with, full hand finger picking, and how I am working on the skill. As with all the permutation videos, the Handout is available on this post. If you are in the mood to support my in my endeavors, the shirt I am wearing (pictured below) and manyContinue reading “Permutations 3: Plucking Hand Permutations”

Permutations 2: Scalar Permutations

In this video I expand on the use of permutation to include Scale Tones. some preliminary knowledge you may want to have a handle on before moving onto this video is: The Major Scale – What is it and how to use it musically The Modes – What are they and how they relate toContinue reading “Permutations 2: Scalar Permutations”

Permutations 1: Fretting Hand Permutations (Chromatics)

In this video we engage in a preliminary look into permutations, how to approach them, and why they are important. This introduction focuses on chromaticism and gaining the finger independence that translates to more fluid playing. The Above video is the wrong one I apologize for the inconvenience Corrected! The Workbook