Education is a Tangible Game

One could ask why, in this field of professional musicians who have long distinguished recording and live careers, am I offering education? The answer to this is two fold really:

  • Primarily, I belong to the school of thought that if you know, you should share. There are many ways one can approach education in any field, and not everyone will resonate with all methods. In this respect I feel that it is valid that I share my knowledge, as I acquire, internalize and master it.
  • Second, I firmly believe there is an aspect of learning that requires one to teach it to another in order to have a true grasp on the concepts. If you can explain it in a way that a beginner can acquire the knowledge then you have at least internalized the material.

From a music education standpoint, I come as a permanent learner as well as a guide, much less an instructor. I do not suppose I will ever claim that I know all, or will be the end all be all of musical knowledge.

Take your time and enjoy the journey. – Realize that, as bass players, we’re used to seeing everything “one note at a time”.

Todd Johnson

I feel each musician is a chimera of all the others who have added to the knowledge of the individual. Each time I consume another musician’s instruction it changes the field for me, like a fog of war was lifted on a new territory for me to explore. Techniques get refined, vocabulary expands, further understanding of core concepts develops and finds its way into my playing and explaining of musicianship and musicality.

Decide on a destination and build your journey to it

Steve Lawson

In regard to where I go to learn, I am a member of the Scotts Bass Lessons Academy which grants me access to many wonderful musicians such as Arianne Cap, Rufus Philpot, Phil Mann, Damien Erskine, Gary Willis, Michael League, Danny “Mo” Morris, David Ellefson, Ian Martin Allison, Adam Neely as well as the aforementioned Todd Johnson and Steve Lawson. I absolutely encourage people to seek knowledge from the source for me as it were, maybe someone else will uncover another nugget of information that I have not picked up on, or can explain it in a way that I can resonate with it better.

I also encourage everyone learning to play to put as much out in the world as possible, make recordings, go live on social media, made a recording of your journey, not only for others to see, but to have a viable audio/visual record of your progress that you can look back on and examine how far you have come.

Long story short, create the path to the musician you want to be, be flexible with it, but document it, you will marvel at your progress, especially when you feel you have plateaued. As an aside, you never know who you might inspire!

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