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Welcome, I am Harry Felker and I am your Tutor at ILMT. I am a student at Scott’s Bass Lessons and a former amateur musician. Currently I am Busking at The Bard and Broad: Digital Buskers, weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Here at ILMT we focus on music creation, and while we believe gaining inspiration from other musicians is a key method of development, there is a lot more to it than just regurgitating licks. We can give you the tools to break down the logic behind the music you hear, in order to internalize the vocabulary and make it your own.

A solid foundation of Technique, Theory, and Practice Exercises are necessary for the development of your Musical Voice. And at no cost to you, we offer materials, tracks, and video instruction, all of which will supply these foundations to you. ILMT offers One on One sessions at competitive rates and a deep discount to monthly subscribers, if you feel you need accountability and direction.

Though my main instrument of choice is Bass, I am well versed in Guitar, Keys, Electronic Music, and learning the foundations of the Cajon. This is to say, there is value in exploring ILMT regardless of the instrument you play, music is the language, your instrument is your dialect, and the personal voice you add to the music you create is your accent. Let me help you fall in love with creating music again.

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